Let us keep your WordPress site Backed Up, Up to Date, and Secure!

WordPress is the fastest growing platform for blogs/websites and hackers are taking notice! They have increased their attacks and they are serious. New versions of WordPress software, plugins and themes are released regularly to fight this, but it’s just not enough.

Security vulnerabilities are a threat for all websites but, due to the fact that the WordPress software is Open Source, opportunities abound. One of the primary points of entry for hacking, security exploits and malware injections are out of date WordPress Websites.

We know security is the primary reason to keep any WordPress website up to date. Updates to plugins, themes and the base WordPress software include enhanced functionality and bug fixes. Keeping up to date allows you to take advantage of these new features and ensures that your site is running as smoothly as possible.

WordPress security is about minimizing the risk and allowing for quick recovery. Of course, there is no perfect protection, but we keep up to date on the latest security measures and add them to your WordPress maintenance package. We want you to feel confident that we can take care of all your ongoing technical needs.

We know how much your site is worth and what you could lose if your site goes down thanks to hackers. We all put locks on our doors and install security systems to protect our homes; now it’s time to do the same online.​

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